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July 12, 2011
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RNVa - World Map by HamsterCorp RNVa - World Map by HamsterCorp
I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU, WORLD MAP! NO MORE! YOU ARE FINISHED FOREVER AND I'M NOT MAKING ANYMORE CHANGES (aside from minor detailing and whatnot that might arise from the creation of more focused maps in the future). I'VE EVEN GIVEN YOU PROPER MAP-LIKE THINGS.

Warning: HUEG LIEK XBOX (fullview or download if you want to be able to read anything).

First thing first: because I never properly planned this out and barely have any idea what I was doing despite my supposed degree in Geography and probably lack of decent tools, this map is not properly projected, even though it has the appearance of Lambert Cylindrical. It might be possible to convert what I have here to Mercator, but I don't like Mercator. Ideally, it would have been made in Robinson, but this map is not ideal. Luckily, there really isn't much of significance at the poles, so my lack of projection probably isn't too terrible. In the meantime, just pretend that each individual grid square was independently projected so that the land appears as it would if you were looking at it on a sphere/spheroid straight on.

This map is made to represent the state of Arrynvia in 1893 LC (Lussinian Calendar), before the Second Dragon War starts in 1894, during which a bunch of countries get their shit screwed up. This war involves a terrible cliche of an evil god trying to take over again, after recovering his original defeat in the First Dragon War and spending some time building an evil army and infiltrating and what not. Main differences is that Arrynvia was still medieval the first time and the heroes that killed the god didn't quite kill him enough, but this time the world is modern and the war will end with the god getting killed so hard that even his soul is destroyed, so he can never do it again.

Now then, since it has been brought to my attention that I really don't have any kind of introduction of sorts for Arrynvia, I will use this opportunity to try (and likely fail) to write one even if it is really stupid.

Arrynvia is a world somewhere in the universe. Populated mostly by humans divided among many countries, Arrynvia also hosts two non-human sentient species in the Karhamians and the Mechan. Karhamians, almost all of which live in the Karhamian Empire, are essentially four foot-tall (when standing) giant hamsters that have built a communial society that largely pursues isolationist policies. They're also mechanically inclined and really, really like using tanks. Mechan, meanwhile, are not actually natural, being sentient robots, or archaically "golems", usually created by humans with Mechan only rarely being able to build other Mechan. While most Mechan start their "lives" in service or as property, many end up free after time, and they've established their own nation of Mechalius.

Humanity also has a few minor sub-groups of its own; the all-female Ridesians from the Centra-Ridesia region of the Darian continent, who are essentially catgirls and foxgirls, the also all-female Janlii from Salisia, who are essentially bunnygirls, and vampires, who do not sparkle and would really need a more thorough explaination since things are different. There might even be other sub-groups rumored to exist.

Arrynvia's main feature is that it is saturated by mana. This has resulted in a majority of Arrynvia's population being able to use magic at some level, even if the level is so low to be of no practical use. The ability to use magic manifests in a number of discrete "schools" of magic, mostly being elementally-based. A person born with the ability to use magic can not choose what magic they can use, but it is influenced by multiple factors, including genetics, birth location, and pure random chance. The presence of mana and natural ability to use it has also resulted in much of Arrynvian civilization's technology being powered by mana or magic in some form (including the Mechan). While the vast majority of Karhamians have little to no magical ability, they are still able to utilize mana for their technology.

Historically, human society on Arrynvia has been matriarchal. In ancient times, a state known as the Lussinian Empire (of which the modern Grand Republic of Lussinia is a successor) managed to achieve dominance over the entirety of Arrynvia thanks to their technological and arcane advances, allowing them to spread their culture and language to the entire world. Since the collapse of the Lussinian Empire, Arrynvia has had to deal with a number of global conflicts and world wars, including one instigated by a god that had turned to evil, as well as a general split in societies into "Northern" and "Southern" ones. (Cleaned up the giant wall of text at the link some, I hope it's readable)

Arrynvia is currently in later stages of an Information Age in terms of technological advancement. While nanotechnology is still in infancy, computer technology and the Internet are commonplace. Several countries have established space programs, maintaining space stations and even a couple of stations on Arrynvia's moon. They don't have a space elevator yet.

Religion on Arrynvia is focused on a pantheon of dieties. Balamir is the principal goddess of Arrynvia, with other dieties below her covering various major aspects of the workings of the world. Each of Arrynvia's gods and goddesses actually "live" in a particular location, though these divine areas typically can not be accessed by mortals. Dieties will have their own demigods and demigoddesses working for them, and it is possible for mortals to achieve divinity in various ways.

Well, if you managed to read all that, congrats. If you have any questions, ask away, as I could use something to do at work. The older version of the world map will also be deleted shortly.

Also, since I don't know where else to say it: a lot of the initial inspiration for this world actually came from the Shadowrun series - a modern world where magic exists. Just significantly less GRIMDARK than Shadowrun. And of course, ever since I started backfilling the history, it does have more traditional "fantasy" aspects to it.

I also can't decide if I should submit this to the 'Cartography Guild' group I joined. Nearly all the maps those people make actually look good and stuff, unlike mine.
Eh, tossing it in. Worst that could happen is a few hundred people telling me how terrible this is!
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HaseoYashimora Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
howed u make this, also u do map making requests like this? with less detail?
HamsterCorp Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Mostly just spending a lot of time scribbling outlines and sticking on names until I liked the way things looked. Sometimes, it's just semi-random line making, but usually I have some sort of idea of what kind of purpose I want a landmass to fulfill, so I take that in mind.

As for the actual map image itself, it's really just each country filled in with a color and text stuck on top, pretty simplistic.

You can probably find some good map-making tutorials over at the Cartography Guild group: [link]

I don't do requests, sorry.
HaseoYashimora Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ok ty anyway
Acidbl00d Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like it :D
and amazed that you could make up a name for everything xD
HamsterCorp Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Just takes some time and a bit of random name generation.
Acidbl00d Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha i've drawn a map myself (not on DA) but just cant come up with any names of the world the lands and cities xD
im bad in thinking up names
cekario Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011  Student Writer
Took me long enough to finally gather the courage to comment on this map!

Firstly, I think your self-critic there about the projection of the map already is impressing. Shows that you are serious about it and not just doodling around, you want to get it down rightly, correctly, you wanna make it as perfect as possible.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude, sounds like tight action there about the Dragon Wars and the evil god getting pwned and raped so hard even his soul gets it XD I'm impressed. It sound thought out and like an important part in the history of this world.

The way you wrote about Karhamians, they being small and pursuing isolationist policies, I swear I imagined kind of mole beings instead of hamsters xD
The Mechans - since they were created by humanity and don't seem to be very skilled in constroying other Mechans - made me wonder how they came to form an own society. You say most start being servants to humans, but why would the humans free them afterwards? I mean, don't they fear the mechans could create a rivality and even become a meanace to them if they have an own government?

Ridesians indeed sound to look interesting =3 I assume the vampires here are of the less exaggerated type than these of Stephenie Meyer's imagination, huh?

It's an interesting set-up you made up there with the mana concept. Personally I find a modern world with "magic" supported technology really appealing to make a story, since it has both the mystic and the scientific.

All in all, I think you are making a great job in creating a world of Arrynvia with all those little historical and cultural details. I might even say an OVERWHELMING job, I don't know how many people would have the guts to think about so much detailism as I've read from you yet.

Keep up the good work!
HamsterCorp Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
Hah, thanks. I think part of the reason Arrynvia is becoming more detailed (besides my own obsession with knowing all the parts of the whole/being a geographer) is that whenever I come up with some interesting idea or character, more often than not I can figure out a way to incorporate it into Arrynvia with a little adjustment.

As for your queries, I shall try to answer!

The Mechan ended up with their own deal mainly by simply coming across each other over time. Eventually, enough had gathered that they decided to find their own place, and the islands they claimed were sparsely populated. Some humans still live there, but in small numbers and relatively peacefully. They generally became free either by outliving their masters, or simply being made free at some point. It's no big deal in the South, but the North doesn't like it, and a lot of Northern countries don't like Mechalius. Also, Mechan aren't like Hollywood AIs that immediately try to destroy humanity and what not. Most Mechan are far too busy with their favored past time of philosophy.

I started using vampires back before Meyer decided they should sparkle and be extra stupid. No sparklies, and they're generally low-key. Vampire society has also been in a sort of simmering civil war for much of its existence.
EspadaQuioro5 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
where's daria?
HamsterCorp Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
It's the largest green blob, to the southwest of the center of the map.
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